Space Wizard Architect Pvt. Ltd.

Space Wizard Architects is a recognized design firm providing architectural services with special emphasis responsive design with least impact on our environment.

Anket Baghel Director Space wizard Architects

Anket Baghel
B. Arch., 2002, (IIT, Roorkee)

The Company founded in the year 2006 by Ar. Ramesh K. Rangi and Ar. Anket Baghel is a single soul devilling in two bodies. It has seen exponential growth in the in the past years with their dedication, latest methods of design, design analysis and project management style.

Ramesh Kumar Director Space wizard Architects

Ramesh Kumar
B. Arch., 2002, (IIT, Roorkee)

As a modern firm, it believes that every structure regardless of the size & budget should be specific & creates architecture for community.

The Company is professionally committed to help client manage complex projects & make sound decision and provides the very best design and construction expertise throughout the planning design, construction and commissioning process.

Talented architects in the firm regularly exude client's requirements by adding value in every turn. The past years of dedication have enabled the firm to be recognized as a professional organization providing excellence in services, continuous improvement, open communication & team work in the case of Space Wizard Architects practices.

The sole vision of the company is to deliver responsive and resourceful architectural solutions.